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Tilting at Windmills?

  In response to my recent article commenting on the ComminInsure scandal there was a feisty response from Richard Gilley on LinkedIn – in the  Group Workers Compensation Australia. The thrust of his comment was to point out the conflict between a … Continue reading

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The Power of Social Media

  I only ‘met’ Mark Stipic “The WorkCover Guy” quite recently and I am still to meet him close up in the real world. We were apparently both present at the December 2015 ISCRR Forum in Melbourne, but I didn’t know … Continue reading

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Another Elephant? – Lessons from the Comminsure Scandal

The ‘Comminisure’ Scandal broke this week putting a media focus on the role of doctors within organisations and the potential for commercial interests to over ride the usual ethics of the medical profession. For those who didn’t watch 4 Corners … Continue reading

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