Useful Links

Here are some useful links related to the subject matter of this blog:

Research Organisations:

Institute for Safety Compensation and Recovery Research – Victoria

Recover Injury Research Centre – Queensland

Insurance Work & Health Group – Victoria

Government WorkCover Sites:



Professional Bodies:

Australian Faculty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Australian & New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine

Tasmanian Foundation for Occupational Medicine

Tasmanian Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Providers

Injured Worker Support Sites:

Injured Worker Support Network – NSW

Pudendal Nerve Website – Soula – Victoria

Injured Workers Group – Victoria

Worker Assist – Tasmania

Road Trauma Support – Tasmania

Work Injured Resource Connection – South Australia

Craig’s Table

Professional Support Websites:

Mark Stipic – ‘The WorkCover Guy’ – Victoria

Civil Forensic Psychiatry – Dr Michael Epstein’s Site – Victoria

Health Skills Blog – New Zealand