Statement of Roles, Memberships & Business Interests

This site is operated by Peter Sharman as a private individual and is not affiliated with any organisation, union, lobby group or political party, except as declared below. This site does not accept advertising or sponsorship.

Peter Sharman (or any associated organisation) does not receive any financial reward, incentive or other benefit  for any information posted on this site.

Peter Sharman is a Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (AFOEM) within the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP).  He is currently the Tasmanian representative on AFOEM Federal Council. He was appointed as the volunteer RACP representative on Safe Work Australia’s National Permanent Impairment Coordinating Committee during March 2017 and more recently was appointed as AFOEM’s representative on the RACP Regional & Rural Physician Working Group (RRPWG).

Peter Sharman was appointed to the WorkCover Tasmania Board’s Medical Advisory Panel in June 2017 as the nominee of RACP/AFOEM. He is entitled to be paid meeting fees in accordance with Tasmanian State Service requirements in addition to reimbursement of expenses associated with this role.

Peter Sharman was recently elected to the volunteer position of Public Officer / Secretary of the Tasmanian Foundation for Occupational Medicine Inc. (TFOM),  a  ‘Not for Profit’ incorporated entity. TFOM has the objective of promoting Occupational Medicine as a speciality in Tasmania.

Peter Sharman is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Peter Sharman is a member of the Australian Medical Association and was convener of the Tasmanian AMA’s Workers Compensation Subcommittee from 2014 to 2016. During 2017, as an individual, Peter Sharman convened various AHPRA-registered health professional groups to participate in a Tasmanian Legislative Council Briefing in relation to amendments to Tasmanian workers’ compensation legislation.

Peter Sharman is a member of Australian and New Zealand Society of Occupational Medicine (ANZSOM), the Tasmanian Association of Vocational Rehabilitation Providers (TAVRP), and the Australasian Association of Musculoskeletal Medicine (AAMM).

Peter Sharman is director and joint owner of Occupational Health Services Pty Ltd, an independent provider of specialist occupational medical and podiatry services in Tasmania.

Occupational Health Services Pty Ltd (T/A) Hobart Occupational Medicine provides treatment for patients referred by other medical practitioners with complex work-related conditions, independent medical examinations at the request of legal practitioners, private insurers, self-insurers, and AHPRA  and other types of occupationally-related assessments requested by employers and regulators.

Peter Sharman, as an individual, or Occupational Health Services Pty Ltd, as a business, have no contractual arrangements with any insurer, legal practitioner/firm, government organisation or other health care provider organisation.

Any queries should be directed as follows:

Dr Peter Sharman, 201 Davey Street, SOUTH HOBART Tas 7004. Tel (02) 62240935 or email

Updated 10 August 2022