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Strange Bedfellows! The AMA Insurer Forum in Tasmania

Before the weekend can start in earnest (I have made a commitment to clean out my car and wash the dog), I thought I should share some commentary about a process that has been underway in Tasmania over the last … Continue reading

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The WorkCover Victim’s Diary and Civil Forensic Psychiatry blogs have recently made commentary on issues with IME assessors and complaints processes. I have previously blogged about issues with IME assessors. IME’s – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Pt … Continue reading


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Let me Explain! – the purpose of my blog

  Recently I have received¬†criticism that I am blaming the system, specifically the insurers/claims agents, for poor outcomes and not directing any criticisms towards other parties, particularly the medical profession (or injured workers themselves for that matter). The purpose of … Continue reading

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Prognosis or Diagnosis – that is the REAL question!

BMC Medicine recently published an open access “Opinion” entitled: The science of clinical practice: disease diagnosis or patient prognosis? Evidence about “what is likely to happen’ should shape clinical practice. This question is highly relevant in the workers compensation context.¬†The … Continue reading

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