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The WorkCover Victim’s Diary and Civil Forensic Psychiatry blogs have recently made commentary on issues with IME assessors and complaints processes. I have previously blogged about issues with IME assessors. IME’s – The Good, The Bad and the Ugly Pt … Continue reading

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Is There a Crisis of Confidence in IME Assessments?

While I personally have had concerns about the ‘quality’ of many IME assessments for some time, I did not realise how widespread the concerns were about the fairness of such assessments until relatively recently. Injured workers representatives are certainly concerned, … Continue reading

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Perspective – What do doctor’s think about Workers Compensation?

Through my work as an occupational physician, I regularly interact with doctors who have a variety of roles in the assessment and management of work-related injuries. Most often I am a member of a team of treating health professionals, but … Continue reading

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