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Update on “Tough Love”

I attended a meeting last night of medical practitioners with an interest in Workers Compensation. Some of them had read my blog article “Tough Love”. There was almost universal agreement that doctors do have a role in explaining to potential claimants … Continue reading

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No coverage by ACC in New Zealand for ‘RSI’ type disorders!

 Dr John Quintner has asked that I post his article on this site. I welcome the opportunity to facilitate constructive discussion and debate on this issue! See also references to Dr Quintner’s work on  thetipssite Here is the article: FIBROMYALGIA … Continue reading

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‘Tough Love’ – Do doctor’s have a role in keeping people out of the WC system?

The focus of my blog has been about changing the system to reduce the risks of a poor health outcome, but is there another facet to solving the problems I have highlighted? Should doctors make a conscious effort to keep people … Continue reading

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Prognosis or Diagnosis – that is the REAL question!

BMC Medicine recently published an open access “Opinion” entitled: The science of clinical practice: disease diagnosis or patient prognosis? Evidence about “what is likely to happen’ should shape clinical practice. This question is highly relevant in the workers compensation context. The … Continue reading

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Are our compensation systems an occupational hazard?

According to Wikipedia, ‘A hazard is a situation that poses a level of threat to life, health, property, or environment’ and, in relation to Workplace Health & Safety: ‘Although work provides many economic and other benefits, a wide array of workplace hazards also present risks to the health … Continue reading

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Worker’s Compensation – Who is the customer?

“The Injured Person as a customer in the Tasmanian Workers Compensation System” A medical colleague commented to me recently about the above title of a presentation by QBE Insurance to doctors in Hobart. Can an Injured Person be a customer? QBE’s … Continue reading

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Tassie Compo Payments up! – Looking behind the figures!

“Big jump in payouts for work injuries” This was the title in an article in today’s Hobart Mercury Newspaper. The newspaper article highlighted a 50% increase in lump sum compensation payments from $43.2M in 2012-13 to $63.6M in the 2013-14 … Continue reading

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Why Insult & Injury? – The Video

See the brief video where I explain the background to this blog!

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My Queensland Experience – Implications for National Impairment Guidelines

I recently have had the experience of undertaking an impairment assessment for an unfamiliar interstate jurisdiction – WorkCover in Queensland. While I am familiar with the principles of impairment assessment generally and regularly undertake impairment assessment in other jurisdictions, my … Continue reading

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PANELS PANELS PANELS OI! OI! OI! – Part 3 of IME’s – the good, the bad & the ugly

(With apologies to Australian Cricket Supporters) This is part 3 of a trilogy about IME’s. Here I put forward ideas about how the system can be improved. In some jurisdictions some of the improvements are already being put in place. There … Continue reading

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