Why Insult & Injury? – The Video

See the brief video where I explain the background to this blog!

About Tasworkdoc

As an occupational physician in private medical practice in Hobart, Tasmania - the southernmost state of Australia, I see workers referred by their general practitioners with various types of work-related injuries and diseases. These are mostly musculoskeletal injuries, both of traumatic and gradual onset as well as various associated psychological disorders. With interaction with patients for treatment and providing advice about rehabilitation, I have the opportunity, first-hand, to observe interactions between individual patients and compensation systems. I also conduct independent medical assessments, including impairment assessments for musculoskeletal injuries and asbestos-related disease compensation. This provides another perspective of workers within compensation systems.
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5 Responses to Why Insult & Injury? – The Video

  1. rosemary2412 says:

    Thank you Peter.
    Your short clip needs to be seen by every minister in charge of the legislations surrounding the workers compensation industry.
    In under 4 minutes you have highlighted the angst injured workers feel, the violation of being subjected to surveillance as though the injured worker is little more than a common thief, the denial of medical assistance, the constant harping of sections of Acts that have nothing to do with the wellness or the well being of the worker.

    A few years back it was clear that the tide was turning back towards the needs of injured workers, I am brave enough now to say that with this short clip and with Chris Brigham MD book Living Abled & Healthy http://www.livingabled.com/book/ and with the level of interest being shown in Craig’s Table the days of intimidating injured workers are drawing to a close.
    I know it will not be easy for those within the industry who have generated incomes by churning injured workers to give up what they have become very used to having.
    But why should injured workers continue to pay the price for a scheme that does not reflect the promise given?

  2. Tasworkdoc says:

    This was a very low budget video, but I hope it gets a point across! I think considerable effort will be needed across many fronts to make a change, but there is now impetus developing – Robert Aurbach -‘Needless Disability”, ISCRR research and interest by the medical profession in the ‘hazards to health’ from compensation systems. Hopefully consideration of health outcomes can be factored into legislative change and avoid the debate just being an issue of argument about benefit levels for workers. If we can get this right there will be money in the system to provide a better level of support.

  3. Rosemary says:

    Peter as much as I had hoped to see health outcomes in the proposed changes to the South Australia workers compensation legislation it simply is not there. In truth the legislation is time related and cost focussed.

    I agree Robert Aurbach’s Needless Disability is a breath of fresh air within what is often a dank and dark process. I have the honour and privilege of calling Robert a very close friend and colleague. His wisdom in workers compensation should be headlines everywhere.

    The combination of Needless Disability and Living Abled & Healthy should be required reading for every Minister in charge of workers compensation instead of the group of self-interested advisors that they surround themselves with.

    • Claire says:

      Hi Rosemary, I noticed that you’re blessed to have Ann Bressington involved with your injured workers support group, Work Injured Resource Connection.

      • Rosemary says:

        Good morning Claire,
        Ann Bressington remains a passionate supporter of Work Injured Resource Connection Inc Ann is a wonderful person, we are very fortunate and very Blessed to have Ann’s never ending support.

        Yours in service
        Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson
        Work Injured Resource Connection
        “Bags of Love” emergency food project
        Craig’s Table

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