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Tendentious – What Does that Mean?

@Bafflegab1 on Twitter describes himself: ‘Long-time critic of Ontario auto insurers; their defence lawyers; and their hired gun medico-legal assessors. Also critical of plaintiff bar lethargy.’ In a recent tweet, he referred to a judgement in the Canadian Superior Court of Justice … Continue reading

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Injured Worker Support and Representation in Tasmania – Do we need more?

In the early days of this site I wrote an article about Injured Worker Support Websites where I asked for comments about the best approach to provide such support. There was a lot of negativity about the WorkCover Victim website at that … Continue reading

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THE GREAT DIVIDE – a sorry tale of lost teamwork!

  Firstly, let me say welcome to a few new followers to my blog following the release of Mark Stipic’s podcast of a second interview with me on RTW Nation about engagement with general practitioners.Thank you Mark. Here is a … Continue reading

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AFOEM President Peter Connaughton on improving workers compensation claims processes

I commend AFOEM President, Dr Peter Connaughton on his opinion piece. It is time for professional bodies like AFOEM to add their weight to initiatives for change to our compensation systems that can unnecessarily contribute to poor health outcomes for those injured … Continue reading

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Comments from Tasmanian Occupational Therapist and WRP Patrick Man

Patrick has kindly provided the comments below on four earlier blog articles I have published: A Day at the Beach Barry Gilbert on IME’s The Law Trumps Health – or so it seems! What’s It All About, Dr Alfie?   … Continue reading

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Through the Looking Glass – A Call for Greater Transparency

At first sight, the Victorian Ombudsman Report, ‘An Investigation into the management of complex workers compensation claims and WorkSafe oversight’  seems like a grenade dropped into the status quo of workers compensation in Australia! The report prepared by the Ombudsman, Deborah Glass … Continue reading

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What Gets Measured, Gets Action?

ISCRR CEO Alex Collie recently published the following article: Counting work-related injury and illness in Australia: Do we measure up? The following quote from the article illustrates one aspect of the problem with our data collection: “One finding from this … Continue reading

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What’s It All About, Dr Alfie?

Yesterday was not an unusual day for me in many respects, but comments on LinkedIn by a doctor that it was ‘very disturbing’ that unions in Tasmania might pursue a change that meant that PTSD was assumed as caused by work in … Continue reading

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The Law Trumps Health! – or so it seems

In my blog article at the start of 2016, I outlined a plan for a series of articles about  various ‘insults’ to the achievement of positive health outcomes in compensation systems, in accordance with the theme of this blog. I also … Continue reading

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Barry Gilbert on IME’s

I attended the ANZSOM weekend meeting held in Hobart last weekend. Dr Barry Gilbert, specialist public health physician and occupational medicine consultant, was one of the presenters. I didn’t realise until I talked to Barry at the meeting that he is is … Continue reading

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